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■ Refer to the following sample if you require interpretation services.
[Date and time] May 14, 2019 (Tuesday) 9:00-17:00
(* Indicate the maximum time commitment from the initial gathering to
potential extensions.)
[Location] Akasaka, Tokyo
[Description] Internal reporting and Q&A session on business
[Meeting format] Face-to-face meeting
(* Indicate if you will be using Skype or other video conference or
conference call systems.)
[Participants] 30 Japanese (of which, 1 presenter), 10 non-Japanese (of
which, 2 presenters)
[Interpretation format] Japanese and English (consecutive
(*Select either consecutive interpretation or simultaneous interpretation.
No selection necessary if you are unsure.)

■ Refer to the following sample if you require translation services.
[Language] Japanese to English, English to Japanese
[Document(s) (topic, volume etc.)]
Approx. 30-slide PowerPoint for medical workshop
Financial report, approx. 20 pages PDF
[Delivery] Example: Delivery by November 25/as soon as possible

■ Refer to the following example for temporary staffing and referral
[Period] January 2020-December 2020 (1 year)
[Position] Interpretation/translation/interpretation + translation/other
(English administration/secretary etc.)
[Workplace] Address
[Employment format] Temporary staffing/temporary staffing with the possibility of subsequent full-time employment/personnel referral
[Language] Japanese and English

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