Translation from home services


Translation from home services

Translation from home service

Referrals from 1 hour per day no problem!New form of translator referral

Ten Nine's "translation from home service" was designed for customers who "want to have a translator on hand, but lack space in the office" and "would find it convenient if there was a translator on hand, but don't have enough to occupy someone full-time."

Dispatch translators who work from home

Translators are employed under dispatch agreements, but they work from their own homes rather than in your office. This eliminates the need to provide additional space in the office. It is also ideal for companies that are promoting telecommuting.

From as little as 1 day per week, short hours no problem!

The "translation from home service" allows for more flexible work styles. Services are tailored to your needs, for example, 1 day per week, or 4 hours per day.

Excellent cost performance

Below is a comparison of a document-based translation request and output and costs for a "from home" referral.

English translation of 5,000 character document

Ordering by character count

16 yen per character x 5,000 characters

"From home" dispatch service

3,000 yen per hour x 13 hours

* Assumes 380 characters completed per hour

The same English translation of a 5,000-character document costs 80,000 yen for a document-based request, but with a from home dispatch staff member working 13 hours at an hourly wage of 3,000 yen, the total cost is 39,000 yen, a significant savings.