WeWork Shiroyama Trust Tower


99.99999999…Ten Nine's strength comes from
its ability to communicate close to 100%.

WeWork Shiroyama Trust Tower

Last-minute requests? No problem!

Ten Nine welcomes urgent, short-notice orders, including requests one day before the event. We select our interpreters on the basis of personality and character, not just language skills.

A coordination team second to none

Our coordinators fully understand the nature of your documents and requirements, and select the most suitable translator to deliver the best possible work.

Flexible referrals and staffing

Let us talk with you about how we can help you. We will recommend the best possible talent for your company within your terms and conditions.

An English school in your office

Ten Nine sends our best English teachers to your office to create your own school. Our services are used by some of the largest foreign companies in Japan.

WeWork Shiroyama Trust Tower


Ten Nine Communications welcomes new partners and colleagues.



"Ten Nine" comes from the number "99.99999999."

The ten nines represent our aspirations for our communications support--as close to 100% as you can get.