Highlights, flow of service, sample quotation


Highlights, flow of service, sample quotation

Ten Nine offers the best translation
that meets your needs

Ten Nine offers various translation services, including delivery within 24 hours,
support for English and multiple languages, and quick and efficient handling of large amount of documents.

We understand how crucial translation is to your business,
and we have developed a number of features and skills to support you.

Highlights of translation service

Delivery within 24 hours.

Collaboration of all members including customers, coordinators, translators, and checkers is necessary for urgent requests. Our coordinators keep reporting to you on the progress.
We have a number of registered translators abroad. This network allows us to deliver translations within 24 hours.

Available for a large amount of documents.

Ten Nine creates a project team to handle a large volume documents in a short time. Our checkers review and correct the translated documents to keep the quality.
Ten Nine can tackle large volumes of translation in short periods of time by organizing project teams of several translators. Our internal checkers go over the documents delivered by translators to minimize quality differences and ensure consistent terminology and style in the final product.

English and other multilingual translation

We offer translation services into many languages in addition to English to better support our clients in their global business. We currently offer 28 Asian, European, South American and African languages.
Chinese (traditional, simplified), Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Persian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, others

Natural, idiomatic translation by native-speaking professionals
Request for check only is available.

Grammar check
Cross-check with the original language (Japanese) (omissions, errors)
Rewrite into natural (simple) English

We also offer services to rewrite into formal or sophisticated English. (Separate charge is applicable)

Flow of service



Our coordinators will ask you details, such as the purpose of the documents, how and when you need to receive the translated document.


We make a quotation based on the number of words of the original document. We also explain the flow of translation service based on the purpose of use.


Once we receive your formal order, our professional translator commences translation.

Double check

Our professional checkers review the translated document with the original document.


We will deliver the translation by the designated deadline. We appreciate your feedback.

*DTP and printing services are also available. Please feel free to ask us. We will explain the necessary process and schedule.

Translation rate (sample)

Translation rate (sample)

Optional fees

Express fee

50% surcharge
Extra 50% charge is added to the normal rate for urgent requests (same-day or next-business day delivery).


Consultation with coordinators is free of charge
We are willing to arrange a pre-meeting at your request.
Consultation with coordinator: free of charge
Consultation with translator (with coordinator): paid services

Multilingual translation

Please contact us.
Multilingual translation is also available. Please feel free to contact us.