Areas of specialty


Areas of specialty

Ten Nine's translation specialties

and medical equipment

Legal documents
and contracts

insurance, accounting


IT manuals


PR, advertising,

Video subtitles



We currently offer 26 Asian, European, South American and African languages.

Examples: English, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Korean, Southeast Asian languages (Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Cambodian), Western European languages (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch), Eastern European languages (Hungarian, Czech, Polish), Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish), others (Russian, Arabic, Swahili, Hebrew)

Major clients

Medical device manufacturers
ophthalmologic equipment manufacturers
medical equipment developers and manufacturers
pharmaceuticals companies
auditing firms
certified public accounting firms
securities companies
accounting firms
insurance companies (life, non-life)
law firms
IT consulting companies
IT systems companies
general chemical products manufacturers
automakers, auto parts manufacturers
tire manufacturers
energy companies
apparel manufacturers
cosmetics manufacturers
food and beverage manufacturers
travel agencies
marketing agencies

Translation areas we covered

Medicine and pharmaceuticals
Clinical trial plans
Case reports
Side-effect reports
Doctor/MR interview notes
Allergy testing reports
CT scanner catalogs
Medical equipment manuals
User manuals
Installation manuals
Training manuals
Manufacturing and technology
Noise testing reports
Waste assessment reports
Vehicle safety assessment reports
Failure surveys
Safety management manuals
Auto-parts inspection reports
Civil engineering and architecture
Construction inspection standards
Inspection management rules
Non-conforming product management rules
Design drawings
Construction schedules
Announcements to neighboring residents
Technical due diligence
Chemicals, bio, environment
Food safety documents
Chemical testing reports
Renewable energy
Finance and accounting
Financial research reports
Investment documents
Securities company annual reports
Statements of final accounts
Financial reports
Audit reports
Profit and loss statements
Balance sheets
SOX documents
Market reports
IR reports
Media and mass media
Government press releases
Presentation documents
News releases
Commercial continuity drawings
Commercial narration scripts
Poster captions
Museum catalogs
Photograph collections
CD inserts
Film plots
Manuals and IT
User manuals
Product manuals
Training manuals
POS and cash register system manuals
Internal distribution system manuals
SAP/SCM systems
Legal and contracts
Wide range of contracts and memoranda
Nondisclosure agreements
Licensing agreements
Leasing agreements
Maintenance agreements
Sales agency agreements
Property leasing agreements
Storefront leasing agreements
Fixed-term building leasing agreements
Warehouse leasing agreements
Procurement agreements, sale and purchase agreements
Complaints and court documents
Management and HR
Company profiles
President's New Year's messages
Internal/external e-mails
General Meeting of Shareholders minutes, General Meeting of Shareholders notices
Board of Directors Minutes
Internal newsletters, corporate CI
HR evaluations, rules of employment
Internal rules, labor-management rules
Wage rules, job descriptions, recruiting standards
In-house training programs, employee training guidelines
Employee support programs
Harassment reports
Career awareness surveys
Letters of recommendation, resumes
CSR reports
Corporate websites (including multiple languages)