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English school in your office

The idea behind our "English School in your Office" service is to use space in the office or a spare conference room to create a classroom where an English language instructor is stationed full-time, turning your office into an English-speaking environment.

Employees can use their spare minutes during the day to have a quick lesson in the office whenever they like.

◼︎Face-to-face English editing
◼︎Editing of general English-language business documents
◼︎Reading aloud of presentation documents by an instructor
◼︎Detailed confirmation of differences in nuance between Japanese and English by a bilingual instructor
◼︎Business English
◼︎One-on-one/group lesson
◼︎Output-oriented materials
◼︎Preparation for international travel and assignments
◼︎Custom-made trainings
◼︎Lessons for specific units
◼︎Intercultural understanding classes
◼︎Leadership/global orientations training


1-hour instructor dispatch

10,000yen/hour (tax excluded)

Monthly instructor dispatch(8 hours /day actual work)

880,000yen/month (tax excluded)

*Days and hours are flexible, for example, "4 hours/day, 2 days/week," and fees will be adjusted accordingly. Consult with us for details.

"One Month Program"
short-term intensive personal training

Use of dictation, shadowing and English composition, the same training methods that are part of the daily routine of professional interpreters, to boost English skills over the ultra-short term of 1 month. This program is particularly popular with people who suddenly find themselves traveling overseas or who are starting work at foreign companies.

How the One Month Program works


Short-term, intensive 1-month program

A total of 28 days of independent homework and private lessons with a native-speaking instructor (2 times/week).
Detailed correction reports returned each day from a personal trainer (Japanese) so you can concentrate on overcoming weak points.

Same training methods
by interpreters

Steady improvement in speaking and listening abilities by training like an interpreter.
A Japanese trainer will provide learning guidance.

One-on-one English lessons with a native-speaking instructor

You make steady improvement in your speaking skills by actually speaking during lessons. This is an opportunity to practice outputting the English learned through corrections to your composition homework.
It is also an opportunity to learn detailed vocabulary nuances and pronunciation methods that dictionaries do not cover.

Program results

1-minute self-introduction speech

1st counseling session

I’m *****. My job is web director. I work at Shibuya. My hobby is sports, for example kick boxing, and soccer, and tennis. I live in *****. It’s so near the company. I go to company by bike every day.
English sentences: 7
Number of words: 41

Post program session

Hi! I’m ***** and I am twenty four. I work at an IT company in Shibuya in Tokyo. I’m a web director, so I work with engineers and web designers. I live in *****, so I bike to work. I love playing and watching sports. I do kickboxing three times a week and I often go to see soccer games. I went to the United States for three months when I was a university student. However, I am not good at English. I want to experience a working holiday in my twenties, so I’ll do my best to study English.
English sentences: 10
Number of words: 101

The number of words per sentence (information content) roughly doubled!