COW project(Interpreter and translator development program)

COW project
(Interpreter and translator development program)

The "COW Project" began in 2009, the Year of the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac. It is a unique program started by Ten Nine Communications to support aspiring interpreters and translators.
Through this program, coordinators and translation checkers working at Ten Nine as contract or full-time employees are able to gain experience in interpreting and translation. Once they satisfy certain conditions, the company subsidizes their tuition at an interpreting or translation school.

COW Project eligibility

  • Candidate already has a certain level of interpreting or translation skill (demonstrated by passing our skill assessment)
  • Candidate has suitable personal attributes
  • Candidate has found it difficult to develop a track record in interpreting or translation
The most important requirement of all, however, is a strong desire to do whatever it takes to become an interpreter or translator.

Benefits of working as a Ten Nine coordinator

  • Able to develop a practical track record in interpreting
  • Able to see the documents translated by professional translators
  • Access to information about the interpreting and translation industry
We interview more than 200 interpreters and translators each year, and by far the most common questions are "how can I become a interpreter" and "how can I get translation work." This project came about because we knew that there were many people with the potential and attributes to become professionals but unable to start simply because they did not already have a track record. Dozens of project alumni are now working as freelancers.

If you have a strong desire to become an interpreter or translator
whatever it takes, we encourage you to apply.

- In the "Reason for applying, personal comment, etc." column on the entry form, select "Applying to the COW Project."

- Open only to interpreters and translators between Japanese and English.

- Provide a TOEIC score or other indication of English ability on your resume.

- Applications from foreign nationals are also welcome. Please indicate your Japanese Language Proficiency Test score on your resume. If necessary, we can help you obtain a work visa.

- Skills assessments will be performed for both interpreter and translator candidates.