Corporate profile

Company name Ten Nine Communications, Inc.
(Trademark registration number: 4792045)
Established July 11, 2001
Capital 16.8 million yen
Representative director Hiromi Kudo
Business domains Interpreting services
Translation services
Temporary staffing services
Fee-based personnel referrals
English education and support services
Permit number Temporary staffing services (General: 13-040564)
Fee-based personnel referrals (13-Yu-040557)
Main banks Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Aoyamadori Branch Sumitomo
Mitsui Banking Corporation, Aoyama Branch
Address Shiroyama Trust Tower 9F, 4-3-1 Toranomon , Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3433-1090(switchboard)
FAX 03-3433-1091

Features of Ten Nine’s interpretation service

POINT 01I want the same interpreter again

“The interpreter that came the last time did a very good job, so I would like to ask for the same person again.” We often get enquiries like this from clients even after they have switched jobs and been with a different company for a several years.
Ten Nine recommends interpreters who leave a deep impression on people.

POINT02Exclusive coordinator assigned to each client

Each client is assigned an exclusive coordinator who is responsible for overseeing everything right to the end. Having the same coordinator in charge every time means that we have a better understanding of the requests and requirements of each client and can recommend a suitable interpreter.

POINT03Conveying the thoughts of our clients

We will check carefully with the client the purpose and general flow of the meeting and ask the client to send reference materials in advance. We believe that interpreting is not simply about translating what is said; it also involves reading accurately into what the client wants to convey with due consideration given to factors such as timing, speed and volume.

Features of Ten Nine’s Translation Service

POINT 01Coordination with an emphasis on providing even better service than now

It is the earnest wish of every one of our coordinators for our clients to be even more satisfied than ever with our service. We try to put ourselves in our clientsʼ shoes and imagine what they would like us to do. In order to produce the best results, we listen carefully to each clientʼs needs and there may be times when we have to ask for the cooperation of the client. But we always try to do the best we can.

POINT02“The best” means “the most appropriate”

Quality is proportional to translation fees, but inversely proportional to translation speed. Better quality and faster delivery usually incur a higher fee. But does a higher fee always mean good quality? The answer is no. What is “the best” to the client means what is “the most appropriate” for their needs. We believe that recommending to our clients what is “the most appropriate” is the best type of translation coordinator service.

POINT03There are some things that only the client can do

When clients want us to summarize or to translate specific sections of a document, we will ask them to provide a summary or to highlight the areas that need to be translated. Translation is not simply about replacing one word by another, it involves picking the right word from a multitude of choices. For this purpose, a translator needs an original manuscript to work with. And only the client can prepare the original manuscript.

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